School Issues: Broadly speaking, school issues for pre-teens and teens can include problems with academics, peers, self-esteem, authority and behavior. Even students who cope relatively well in these areas can benefit from talking to a professional. For those with more serious problems, it can make the difference in whether or not they succeed in school.

A cognitive-behavioral approach, along with empathic listening and limit-setting is helpful with many adolescents, particularly when addressing behavioral problems at home or in school. Sometimes this may involve including parents, other family members, and/or school personnel in the discussion.

Often, students and their families are unfamiliar with what resources their school has to offer, or may not know how to negotiate the system. I can offer some guidance along these lines.

Peer Issues: Social skills training can improve peer and adult relationships. Depending on individual development, teens can learn specific skills such as managing anger and resolving conflict. An objective adult trained in adolescent development can be instrumental in helping teens to critically evaluate their interactions and to sort out the fluctuating, intense feelings that all adolescents experience to one degree or another.

Learning Disabilities: Several years experience and training with Learning Disabled students, I am qualified to assess learning problems and screen for ADHD, as well as provide supportive counseling services.