The Imago approach helps couples who are looking to:

I believe that couples are together for the purpose of enhancing each individual's psychological, emotional, and spiritual growth. I believe that conflict can be an opportunity to foster this growth. In almost all relationships, communication can be improved, and in this regard, I coach couples through structured, empathic dialogues. I help to guide them toward increased intimacy, often leading to the recall of past experiences that are influencing the current relationship. Couples can expect me to maintain an exclusive and undivided focus on them and their process during treatment sessions. They can count on me to be respectful and non-shaming and to remain neutral without taking sides. I gladly work with couples of any sexual orientation.

The degree to which couples' therapy is successful also depends on the willingness of the participants to grow toward taking responsibility in the following ways: To risk being vulnerable by honestly expressing your thoughts and feelings to the best of your ability; to be open and curious about your partner's point of view; to take ownership for your part of the problem; and to communicate to your partner with respect even (or especially) when you disagree.

"To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with." ~ Mark Twain